About Us - Marketing Synergy

We at MarketingSynergy.com are the thought leaders of ethical marketing and trust selling online. These principles we educate and also implement, both on our clients’ websites as well as our own web properties.


The synergy in our marketing strategies derive from the fundamental belief that a website cannot exist on its own and you cannot rely on just one strategy. Like in nature, a website exists in a eco-system; where SEM/PPC, SEO and Social Media work together to drive traffic to the website. Through our strategies we help our clients improve the quality of their leads, websites and customer relationships online.


Our Mission:


No matter how good your product or service is, no one will know about it without marketing. For many established small and medium sized businesses, the survival of the business is dependent on this fact. Without the right strategies and a marketing plan, it is easy to over spend and run at massive losses. We are focused on sustainable and connected strategies that can provide continued growth for businesses.