Low Cost Marketing Strategy: Industry Trade Publications & Magazines

Low Cost Marketing Strategy: Industry Trade Publications & Magazines

Today I want to talk about a low-cost marketing strategy that you can put into your small business, but you can use this strategy for medium-sized business or some large business as well. This is just one suggestion that you and try and based on the responses and feedback I receive, I’m thinking of doing this as a regular feature on this site. These tips will be in the form of simple marketing strategies that you can put them into action into your business now and get them working for you. Here is the first one; getting published in industry trade publications and magazines.

Industry Trade Publications and Magazines

Every single market has some kind of trade publication for their industry. Every market has some form of “magazine” for events like trade shows or their association group or organization. Editors and publishers of these publications are always looking people to produce content, in the form of articles or documents.

Contact your publication trade marketing and offer to write an article that will be relevant to their audience, and they will gladly print it out for you in their magazine in exchange for free publicity and advertising.

Good publications will offer you the opportunity to add a byline, either at the start or the end of the article where you can share who you are and what you have to offer in a summary. Some publications may even allow you to promote your own goods and services.

This is a way to position yourself as the expert or authority of your field; by getting yourself in the eyes of your existing customers and people in the market, such as potential customers, joint venture partners and channels.

Writing for trade publications can be a great, low cost marketing strategy to utilize. Contact them and express that you would like to write for them. If they agree then would be able to gain exposure in front of everyone who is in the reach of the publication’s circulation, offline, online, and even better if they publish on both! Not only that, you can take the publicity and promote that on your website, sales pages, emails and other marketing materials.

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