Online Marketing Strategy: The Difference Between Strategy & Tactics

I wanted to share with you the answer to a question that I get asked time and time again. The question that people ask me is “why isn’t my online marketing working?” And I always reply by asking, “Do you have an online marketing strategy or are you operating a bunch of online marketing tactics?”. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Maybe you have a website. Having a website is not an online marketing strategy; having a website is tactic.

Maybe you know that you need to be out there with social media. You tweet everyday. You have a fan page which you regularly update. You’re out there on LinkedIn. None of these things are online marketing strategies. They’re are all online marketing tactics. Its like having a business card stuck in the bottom drawer in the office, this is not a strategy. Having a business card is not a strategy in itself. Strategy is how you get that business card out there and into the hands of people that you potentially you want to do business with. That’s the strategy and its exactly the same with your online marketing.

How does your website tie together with your social media? How do you bring people from your various social media platforms back to your website? Who, in the first instance, is you’re customer? It comes right back to knowing the answer to the fundamental questions. Who am I? what do I do and who do I do it for? When you know the answer to those 3 questions and you can tie all the various tactics that you have in place out there in the internet you can tie them together and can hear it all that’s the point which we start to have an online marketing strategy and that’s in which you online marketing starts to really work for you.

So I hope that helped you. I hope that’s the challenge you can take a look at whether you are operating at a level of tactics or whether you really are operating at a level of tactics or whether you really are operating at a level of strategy. I’m looking forward to share more with you in upcoming videos so if you have a question please do leave it down in the comments box below and I will do my best to answer it for you, and please don’t forget, if you found this post useful please share it on social media. Till next time remember, “great business means great marketing!”.

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