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Hi there, I’m Ed Ng, the founder and CEO of MarketingSynergy.com and welcome to our website! Are you a business owner who knows that they need to be online to compete in today’s marketplace but don’t know where to start or how to put all the pieces of the giant digital puzzle together?

Online marketing has revolutionised the way we interact with each other and continues to change how we do business. It’s a force that evolves daily. The next generation of tech savvy and digitally affluent people in a few short years will be entering the workforce as entrepreneurs, business operators and employees, that will shake the market landscape.

Is your business prepared online for this tidal wave of people who are hungry to take away your jobs, employees and customers? How equipped are you with the tools and knowledge to protect the future of your business?

The best time to start now, if you haven’t already started to prepare, however from my experience there are 3 main reasons why people don’t get the business actively participating online:

– It seems confusing because there too much information out there saying different things and using complicated jargon;

– There are many individuals people in the marketplace that are willing to take advantage of those who lack the knowledge or experience about the online space;

– They know that everyday they are losing potential revenue for not taking action are literally giving money and customers away to their competition but don’t know where to start.


Now, imagine that your website is a marketing tool that actively promotes your business and generate sales so you can reinvest back into your business strategies and projects. You have diversified marketing channels across the web that bring you new leads and prospects daily, increasing your business partnerships and customer relationships with a website optimised to bring you healthy sales for your business. Yes, you can make money online, grow your business and still have your customers love you for doing it!


I have been in the online marketing industry for almost a decade. I was involved in creating the digital marketing strategies for Sears Canada, Sears Home Services, Ice Online, Australia Ugg Boots, Advanced Window Products, The Iconic as well as various accounts in highly competitive verticals such as those in the business and finance sector.

In my working career, I’ve had the privilege to work and be part of the Photo Group, co-founded by Siimon Reynolds, one of Australia’s most influential business leaders. In the past I have previously handled portfolios of 400-2500 websites simultaneously. I’m the owner of the number one website for fashion photography, according to Google as well being Google Certified and an exclusive Google Partner.


At MarketingSynergy.com we are educators of ethical marketing and integrity selling online, working with our clients, consulting as well as constantly market testing and engaging with our one portfolios. I believe that in order to be a great teacher, one must be the ever constant student. I had the opportunity to be mentored by different influential masterminds in the mindset, business, marketing and internet worlds, combining the best of their wisdom and my own  strategies with my clients.


I love hearing the success stories that my clients achieve from implementing the strategies I suggest to them. It makes all the years of research and testing pay off, proving that the fundamentals I offer in ethical marketing and integrity selling get great results. I love sharing what I have learnt over the years, knowing that it can improve peoples’ lives and businesses.

If you would like to find out how we can work together you can contact me via our contact form and remember, “great business means great marketing”.

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