Why Quality Wins Over Quantity Every Time When It Comes To Web Traffic

Today we are here to talk about traffic and how it can affect the performance of your website, sales and revenues and the main issues around acquiring traffic. Hopefully, the people your are getting to come to your site are targeted to your business so that they can see and hear your message and they can also interact with your product and services. If this isn’t happening for you right now, you need to read on!

There are a lot of questions from clients about traffic and one that I hear often is “how can I get more traffic to my website? There doesn’t seem to be enough around!”. This is where I want to illustrate the point that, in fact, there isn’t so much a traffic shortage out there on the internet, since millions of people are surfing the around web everyday. Furthermore, the focus shouldn’t be on trying to get as much traffic that you can possibly obtain to direct to your website.

You can pay Google Adwords, for example, to send thousands of people to your website but if that site isn’t relevant or interesting to any of these people, then it will end up being a costly exercise with little to no actions taken by your visitors. What you really be focused on doing is trying to get the targeting right, that is, making sure that you are in front of the right audience for your business and improve your conversions.

This is where market research comes into play. To do this, you need to spend time finding you’re right market so visitors will have better engagement when they come to your website and once they are on your site you want to make sure that the desired actions that you want your visitors to take so they can get involved with your business is prominent and visible. In order for people to engage with you on your website is to have a clear calls-to-action.

You need to do understand the reasons why people are coming to your website, then define the next steps you would like them to take. For some businesses this would be getting visitors to opt in their contact details so that you would be able to follow up on your prospect database, and continue to communicate with them on an ongoing basis, developing the relationship. 

This process is almost like dating, you continue to “date” them by staying in contact with them so that they get to know more about you and your business, you start to build rapport with your prospects, then they start to trust you more and become more willing to hear what you offer. Not every visitor to your website is in the frame of mind to do business with you the second they land on your website.

Without a capture tool, like an opt in box, pretty much is like have schools of fish (traffic) swimming into your site and not having a net to capture any of these fish (prospects). Sure, there are ways of getting people to come back to your website, but these are going to take more time, and also more money, especially if you intend to pay for remarketing (or retargeting) campaigns.

To summarize, traffic isn’t always about the quantity, it’s about the quality. If you are able to speak the right audience online by getting your targeting right you will find your business having better conversion rates, increase sales and revenue, and therefore improving the return on investment from your marketing campaigns. If you ignore doing your due diligence, you may as well be broadcasting on mediums like television, radio and print, where you appear to be promoting to everyone but, in reality, engaging little to no-one. The result from these would be low sales, revenue and conversions… and some brand awareness.

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